Q: My swimmer has summer camp for a week in June. Can we switch to the 9am practice for a week? 


A: Unfortunately, no. We base our coaching staff on a consistent number of swimmers for their safety and their best interest in making progress in skill and stroke development. We limit each practice time to a maximum of 50 swimmers.



Q: Is there an attendance requirement policy? 


A: No, there is no attendance policy. Swimmers are allowed to participate in practices, meets and other team events. The  only exception to this is the Championship Swim Meet. 


Q: How do we register for swim meets?


A: You can register online HERE or in person with the head coach. Meet registrations must be submitted by the Friday prior to the meet by 12:00 pm. Late or day of registrations are not allowed. 



Q: What should we bring to Swim Meets?


A: Bring your swimmer's gear (team suit, swim cap, team shirt, towel and goggles), sunscreen, water and snacks.  



Q: How long do Swim Meets last?


A: The actual meet lasts approximately 2-3 hours based on the number of swimmers. Additionally, warm-up (WU) starts
at 4:00 pm so you can expect to spend 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Many young swimmers compete in relays, freestyle and backstroke which are scheduled at the first half of the meet.  



Q: When does my swimmer get their meet ribbons?


A: We celebrate the Friday after the meet with Donut Fridays! If your swimmer cannot enjoy donuts due to a food allergy,
please let Jen Post know so we can make arrangements for your swimmer to celebrate with us! We do not want to exclude anyone from the festivities! 



Q: Do you have to qualify for the CHAMPS meet?


A: All swimmers are eligible to compete in the CHAMPS meet as long as they have participated in at least two (2) regular swim meets. 



Q: Why must my swimmer compete in at least two regular meets to qualify for CHAMPS?


A:  DSSL does not allow swimmers who have not participated in at least half of the meet season to compete in CHAMPS as a protective measure to prevent registering "ringer" swimmers for the CHAMPS end of season club trophy award.







Do you have a question that is not covered here?

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